Tom Tom Work

TomTom Work

In 2009 we invested in a Vehicle tracking system called TomTom Work in a bid to reduce our carbon footprint.

The TomTom Work allows us to:

  • Plan the most efficient route to reduce mileage and CO2 emissions.
  • Monitor driver speed to ensure most efficient fuel consumption.
  • Track where vehicles are so last minute bookings can be covered by the closest driver to the collection point.
  • Help plan efficient back loading so drivers can collect goods and bring them back to the depot ready for delivery the next day.
  • Cut idling time to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

This combined with driver efficiency training has led to a reduction in our carbon footprint by almost half. This figure continues to decrease and we aim to be carbon neutral by 2020. All new vehicles will be ordered with air deflection kits and tapered roofs to reduce wind resistance.

Vehicle example 1: Mercedes Benz Atego

CO2 Emissions (Metric Tons): 0.016


  1. Low fuel consumption thanks to Telligent® engine management system in conjunction with powerful 4 and 6-cylinder in-line engines spanning the output range from 110 to 205 kW (150 to 279 hp)
  2. Longer service intervals from 60,000 km for short-radius distribution to 100,000 km for light-duty long-distance haulage
  3. Optional Telligent® automated (Autotrans) gearshift system always selects the ideal gear and, consequently, helps to reduce fuel consumption
  4. Competitive payload thanks to weight-reduced frame and pressed steel hypoid rear axle
  5. Many low-maintenance or maintenance-free components, e.g. in the air suspension system
  6. Hydraulic oil for the gearshift of the new 9-speed direct-drive gearbox is maintenance-free and lasts for the entire truck lifetime
  7. Body builder interface: the time the vehicle has to spend off the road is reduced as the body builder has easy access to the truck's electrical systems and no tiresome cable routing is required

Vehicle example 2: Mercedes Benz Axor

CO2 Emissions (Metric Tons): 0.018


Payload maximisation based around design solutions that help to reduce the vehicle's kerb weight: e.g. special frame, weight-reduced driveline, new direct-drive gearbox and optional Turbobrake. Low fuel consumption thanks to the Telligent® engine system: with electronic engine management for the high-torque, 6-cylinder in-line engines with displacements of either 6, 7, or 12 ltr. Peak torque generated in the low-consumption rev range from 1100 - 1300 rpm.

  1. Perfectly harmonised driveline for outstanding power transmission, incl. 6-speed overdrive gearbox (standard on 170 kw/231 hp rigid models), 9-speed direct-drive gearbox (standard on Axor tractors and Axor rigid models from 205 kW/279 hp) or 16-speed overdrive gearbox (optional on Axor models from 205 kW/279 hp)
  2. All manual gearshifts feature hydraulic-pneumatic operation
  3. Low-fatigue easy gear changes with the Telligent® gearshift (optional on Axor models from 205 kW/279 hp upwards in conjunction with 16-speed direct-drive gearbox) or Telligent® automated (Autotrans) gearshift (optional on 170 kW/231 hp Axor rigid models fitted with the 6-speed gearbox).
  4. Long service intervals: 100,000 kilometres for long-distance haulage, as much as 120,000 kilometres with the Telligent® maintenance system (standard on Axor models up to 240 kW/326 hp, optional on higher-power models)
  5. Numerous components designed to last for the duration of the truck's service life, such as the hydraulic gearshift oil or the rubber suspension bushes
  6. Low-wear, high-performance braking system, Telligent® braking system with brake-pad-wear equalisation available as an option
  7. Short downtimes thanks to easy-to-repair design
  8. Optional on Axor models from 265 kW (360 hp) upwards: the powerful Turbobrake engine brake, which is some 85 kg lighter than optional conventional retarders


May I say first of all that your guys were brilliant at Ipswich – everything went smooth as silk and the service was entirely professional. It is such a comfort to know that there is a good supporting team. Thanks so very much.

- Government Agency

A big “Thank you” from me for all your efforts last week at the Cheltenham BAOD.  As always nothing was too much trouble and it was a pleasure working with you.

- Government Agency

A quick note to pass on my appreciation of the work done by Tony and Matthew at this event yesterday; it was all done very efficiently and without fuss.  Also, as some of the equipment provided by the Hotel was not as promised, they had to improvise in order to meet our requirements and the need for customer confidentiality. This was achieved successfully without any inconvenience to anyone.

- Government Agency

Both HP personnel on Site and Royal Bank staff were very impressed by the extremely efficient and professional service they provided, we all thought they were the best Transport Company that HP have ever used and we would be delighted if they were used for all future deliveries

- Leading Computer Manufacturer

We received a delivery of 100 boxes from Dell today, delivered by 2 of your men, Vijay and Shuq. I am taking the time to say thank you, which I hope you will pass on to them, as they did a superb job. They were polite, helpful, understanding and efficient and I was very impressed

- Leading Computer Manufacturer

I am writing to say how delighted I was to receive my new Xerox photocopier today and how impressed with the service extended to me by VJ and Kev who installed my machine. They are a credit to your company and were efficient, friendly and extremely helpful. Please pass on my thanks to them

- Leading Computer Manufacturer

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your company for the excellent service that you provided when you delivered a shipment from HP hardware to us last Friday. 

In particular, my colleagues and I noticed how professional and helpful Vijay and Matt were in assisting us with the move of the hardware to our Computer Room, something we would never achieve without their help.

- Police Force

Thank you very much for the POD and also for the great job that you did at both the collection & delivery points. The Client made a special point of mailing us yesterday to say how impressed they were with the job as a whole.

- Shipping Company

Please pass on our thanks to your delivery guys again! Just had a thank you from our sales office (1st time ever) to say nothing was too much trouble for them

- Large Distributor of Electronic Equipment

A quick message to say thank you for the excellent job done by your company delivering our machines to Southampton.
Your driver was very helpful and pleasant to work with and the trucks, with large tail lift and multiple restraints for the goods were impressive.


- Electron-X

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