Joanne’s Sahara Trek for Marie Curie Cancer Care

Joanne’s Sahara Trek for Marie Curie Cancer Care

Joanne’s Sahara Trek for Marie Curie Cancer Care - November 2013

Paul Ponsonby Limited sponsored Joanne & three of her friends to take part in the Trek across the Sahara Desert for Marie Curie.  They paid all the registration fees so that what they raised went towards the charity.  Marie Curie is a cause that Paul Ponsonby Limited supports on a regular basis so they were more than happy to support Joanne to take part in the trek.

In Joanne’s own words....

‘After travelling for 24 hours nonstop it was time to begin the trek across the desert! It would take 5 days walking on average 20k per day.  We were told that it would be around 28 degrees, however on the second day it hit 45 degrees and i just thought how am i going to get through this week?!

Little did i know it was about to get even harder.... The group battled various illnesses such as upset stomach, back ache, asthma attacks, sand rashes, chaffing rashes, heat exhaustion, blisters, and lots of tears!  None of us could prepare for the heat and having no toilet or shower to use for 5 days just made you feel worse!  On some days we did 2 hours trekking between 12-2pm with no break and no shade.  Walking during this time was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.  At one point i just passed out from the heat and thought i couldn’t walk anymore.

Even though it was physically challenging we also had some wonderful life changing moments....

We saw the most beautiful sunsets and talked for hours with people who had lost loved ones.  When you hear these stories it gives you the push you need to do it all over again the next day.

About 30 of us went in total and we raised over £80,000.00.  That money has gone to care for people who are terminally ill, help support their families & most of all give dignity in their last moments.  It made every pain, every blister and every tear totally worth it and i would do it all over again tomorrow if it meant raising that sort of money again.’

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