New T5 lighting for the Warehouse

New T5 lighting for the Warehouse

Replacing incandescent bulbs with energy saving lamps is a simple and effective way to slow down the global climate change while saving energy and money.  In November 2013 Paul Ponsonby Limited decided to do exactly that. 

After several months of research Lutterworth Ecolighting Limited were appointed to supply and fit new lighting in the racking, loading bay and bulk storage areas.  The total investment was £30,000.00 with Lutterworth Ecolighting predicting the following outcome:

  • Consistent level of lighting throughout the warehouse
  • When no one is in the area the lights will be switched off automatically
  • Estimated payback of 2.64 years. 
  • Annual CO2 saving  £57,465 per annum

We are delighted to report that our energy bill has reduced by £1,000.00 per month, therefore we are on target for our 2.64 years payback.  The level of lighting in the warehouse is extremely consistent with the quieter area’s being in darkness when they are not in use.  The CO2 saving is also as predicted.

We are very pleased we decided to go ahead with this project as we have saved both money and CO2.  It is an investment for the future and we would not hesitate recommending Lutterworth Ecolighting Limited to any other warehouse operators. 

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